Wednesday, January 04, 2006

If you thought Christmas was Bad, Try New Year's

The Boyfriend cheated on me, then blatantly lied about it. I found out on Jan. 1. We haven't talked about it yet,because he refuses to answer his phone. I'm breaking up with him and he doesn't want to face it. Not very happy right now, partly because I am so hurt by his actions and partly because it is very difficult to break up with someone when you're still in love with him in order to stand up for yourself and make a point that cheating is unacceptable; when all you want to do is go back in time and make it never happen so you can be happy again. Also I am very worried, because according to the people who have known him best, he is not the cheating kind of person. He has a solid reputation as someone you could trust, someone with decency and ethics, a general man of his word. THey all thought so, and have known him for 15 years. I believed that of him--it was one of the reasons I started dating him seriously. I think there must be something going on with him to act this way that really has nothing to do with our relationship. Things are generally not good all around.

i swirled his toothbrush in the toilet at


Blogger kittybrunette said...

Must explain--I really DIDN'T swirl the toothbrush. just wish i had been so cruel.

11:02 AM  

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