Wednesday, October 26, 2005

What do I know?
Umm... not so much, apparently.

I know nothing about technology. I am not KIP from Napoleon Dynamite, you see. I do not love technology. Always and forever.

Well, people who must be reading this somewhere, sometime, in some place, I call upon you now. IF there is anyone out there who can very SIMPLY explain to this technologically challenged idiot about how to post some photos to this lovely site, you will be rewarded by seeing the lovely photos of me as a vampire and my friends as drunks!!! (I mean, really simple, straightforward, CLEAR and concise. As in "Do this now. And then this, Etc..") It will be worth it, I swear!

And speaking of swearing, it's been a two full days since I began trying to figure out how to put my photos on this site, so....

hurry up (please, and thanks) at


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