Friday, November 04, 2005


The Boyfriend is having a very annoying, yet predictable, 1 month "I have commitment issues" balking period. He didn't want to meet my fam yet and it triggered the whining in full force.
So, I'm playing along. Quite simply, it's easy to fix the problem. When he thought I wasn't interested, he liked me a WHOLE LOT, couldn't get enough of me. So, I'm backing away...slow, slow... and look at that, he's texting me during the O.C. (which, he should NOT do, by the way. I don't reply. it was the same way with Friends. DON"T BOTHER ME, I'M WATCHING MY SHOW. You'd think a man would understand that!)
He wants to make sure we're still going on our day-trip to see fall foliage next week. BWAH-HAHA!!! If he only knew!
You see, Kitty and Jackie on That '70's Show know how to handle a man, and I take note. They're all trainable to some degree.

honey, could you go to the drugstore and pick me up a vogue magazine? at


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