Monday, October 24, 2005

Get this party started....

6 p.m.--I go over to boyfriend's best friend's house to help get ready for party.
We go to Wal-Mart to buy supplies and I spend the next hour and 45 minutes frantically chopping vegetables and laying down carpet protectors.
7:45 p.m.--My roommate shows up, we go upstairs to put on our costumes. I am a very sexy vampire, with a black velvet dress and fishnet stockings, fake purple and silver eyelashes and all. BUT, the teeth, the little vampire teeth in their own miniature casket I bought (actually, the boyfirend bought), WILL NOT STICK TO MY TEETH!! Arggh! Lumberjack is a TALL fairy with wings and a blonde wig.
8:15--Everyone has arrived, is downstairs, sans-costumes--all of them. I am hiding in upstairs bathroom, calling boyfriend on cell, "Where the hell are you?" I scream in distress. "Are you wearing a costume? Cause I'm upstairs, dressed like a damn vampire and all the OTHER girls here are in jeans, little tops and heels. And I don't know anyone. NOT COOL!"
Boyfriend is dressed up, as a skeleton/death Lord, or something. He's late b/c he was asked to go to the store and get some alcohol for shots.
8:30--Boyfriend saves me from upstairs bathroom. We look down on all the haters who didn't dress up.
The rest of the evening is spent:
1. Drinking lots of beer. Actually, I only had 2, the lots of drinking was mainly done by everyone but me, boyfriend, and the Lumberjack. I'm small, he's korean (and therefore, smallish) and she's a conservative who doesn't believe in alcohol.
2. Defending boyfriend from crowds of guests who do not like his singing (APPARENTLY HE LOVES karaoke. Had I known this before... oh, who cares. I'm dating a dork, but what do you expect. At least I've got a boyfriend, and that's more than I can usually say.)
3. Saving my camera from giant drunk man going around capturing all the ladies' low rise jeans/ass crack photo opportunities he could.
4. Getting wrestled to the ground by the Lumberjack in front of a crowd of drunk guys (definitely didn't expect to find myself suspended in the air, upside down, but there I was!)
5. Cleaning up spilled purple Kool-Aid in the kitchen, mud in the living room and alcohol in the dining room.
6. Dancing, dancing, dancing---did I mention one of our guests is employed as an exotic dancer?? SHE USED MY BOYFRIEND'S BELT TO BEAT THE BUM OF ANOTHER MALE GUEST. It was an interesting time.
Photos on the way!

we were out 'til 5 a.m. at


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