Thursday, December 01, 2005

Today, I rock the Leopard Print Slingbacks!

I am so kick-ass! I just stood up to my publisher-a slimy, low-life, expensive suit and car, hot air balloon owning, moral-free creep--and told him I would NOT change the wording in my story to fit his views.
I stood up to him and told him it was unethical, then did a little dance as his soul "MELL-ted" into the carpet like the wicked witch of the west.
I was ANGRY, because later he showed up at a board meeting and spoke against the building project I am writing about, in front of all these public officials. That looks so bad, for the pubisher to take sides in a public manner like that. Newspapers are supposed to be fair and impartial.
If he thinks he's gonna win, he's crazy.
My hair is dyed sassy-ass red right now, like Mary Jane on Spiderman, and my Leopard Print Slingback Victory Shoes give me super powers.
I am the bad-guy's nightmare- I write with a mighty keystroke for the sake of justice!!!

hahaaha!! don't mess with a lady at


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