Friday, November 25, 2005

I am bad about the posting, but nothing new happened really...

Except that the weather is now FREEZING.
And then there was Thanksgiving, and now I have a story to tell. Get ready for this:
The Great Thanksgiving Disappearance
Mike the Cat is very pampered. He likes things to go predictably, with the food at 5 a.m. and 10 p.m. and the big giant bed for sleeping in between with an occasional good ear-scratching and run around the house with his pal Fluff.
Yesterday that was not what happened.
I am moving into a house with my boyfriend and his best friends (a married couple) because we are all trying to save money and all that, but I can't keep Mike due to many people's cat allergies.
He is going to my parents' house, so I thought I would make the end of December transition smoother by taking him with me there on Thanksgiving so he can get used to the dog and 6 other cats he will be sharing space with.
He HATE, HATE, HA-T-ED it. He spent the entire time hiding under the hutch in the family room and under the table in the kitchen. I couldn't even coax him out with turkey.
When it came time to leave, I had to forcibly pull him--swearing, hissing and clawing--from under the table and stuff him into the tote I brought him in. Not an easy feat when the tabby weighs 20 pounds.
We were exiting the porch. I had him on one arm and was holding a plate of holiday leftovers for my boyfriend who had to work, when he FREAKED out. Swearing up a storm, he jumped out of the tote and into the bushes in front of our porch. I couldn't find him. No one could. There were flashlights. There was canned catfood. There were younger brothers crawling under the bushes to find him. But Mike was gone.
A lone jingle ball rolled down the sidewalk with no brownie paw to bat after it.
I went home crying. and praying.
And then, MY BRILLIANT FATHER got a brilliant idea. At Mike's 10 p.m. feeding time, my dad set the turkey skeleton in its aromatic roasting pan on the porch and hid behind a pole. Within minutes the aroma had the attention of my erstwhile, yet never one to miss a meal, cat. He came to investigate and my dad captured him! Giant poof-out scaredy tail and all.
I love my dad. I love my cat (sometimes). The day was saved!!
Happy Thanksgiving!

and i thought, that's either a raccoon, or i've got him! said my father at


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