Wednesday, November 02, 2005

"Bludgeoned" is a good word...

Saw II-- I KNEW it wasn't going to be good. I didn't want to go at all, believe me. I didn't see the first one, on purpose, because it looked idiotic, and quite frankly, I don't get into movies that splash on the gore just for the sake of having a cool time with the special effects team. Any movie that men generally respond to with shouts of "That was totally awesome how his eye fell right out!" is generally not my cup of tea. Now, violence with a purpose doesn't bother me. If there is some thinking connected to the whole concept and plot line, I'll get into it. Seven, Fight Club and Pulp Fiction/ Kill Bill are some of my favorite movies. I even enjoyed Sin City for its artistic merit.
SAW II does NOT fit into that category. (I also discount it as legitimate since SOMEHOW it was able to release itself a matter of mere moments after its predecessor--how good could it really be?)
I saw it anyway, with my boy and his best friend. Spent most of the movie hiding my eyes on his shoulder,which he thought was hilarious.
I didn't. I wasn't upset, but it's a waste of money to pay to see a movie in a theatre that you really can't bring yourself to actually watch because it is so gross. Gratuitously gross. With a stupid, "forced twist" ending.
Anyway, when trying to explain this to the boys, they got fixated on the fact that I said I didn't enjoy the club-happy cast members, "bludgeoning each other with spiked clubs because they were too impatient to figure out a realistic solution to their problems."
Boyfriend: "Bludgeoning"? Who SAYS that? Most people say, "hit him in the head" or "clubbed him upside the head", not "bludgeoned him".
And I would submit that people who say "upside the head" are exactly the people who enjoy mindless bloodfests with crappy plotlines that make no effort to be coherent or remotely effective.
I think bludgeon is the technically accurate description of the action. Bludgeoning implies grey matter and blood splatter. It's graphic.

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