Saturday, September 02, 2006

Hello out there!

I am alive.

I have no real job, have been reduced to coffee-wench.

I have no internet access.

I cannot write everyday even though funny things have happened.

If anyone wants to hire me to write for them, please do, I will write your TPS reports, if I must!

Mike the Cat has transitioned well, we call him the Frat Cat now, explained by the following story.

The Scotsman and I had to work last Friday, when people were coming to paint our front door in the apartment complex, so we had to shut Miken into the bedroom.
I left him with food, water, the litterbox, the tv turned on to Animal Planet and the blinds pulled up in the window so he could see outside. (I am a good mama).
He didn't care. He was ANGRY anyway, so.... he took a pair of my favorite underwear, sitting next to instead of inside the laundry basket, put it in his litter box, scooped some litter over it and LEFT A LITTLE POO ON TOP for me to find when I got home.
HAhahaha!!! I died laughing, it was so funny, I wasn't even mad.
BUT THEN, later that night, when the Scotsman and I headed out to the patio, Mike decided to join us, then LEAVE us. We looked for him for an hour, but, no FattyFat. So, we left the screen door closed, to hear him scratch, and went to bed.
About 3 in the a.m., I get up to see if he ever came back and wanted in the house, but he met me in the hallway! He had slid the screen door open himself. Wily beast!
I went back to bed, only to be awakened by sounds of his throwing up at 5 a.m. Too tired to do something about it, I didn't look around for it 'til I got up around 8.
Not on the carpet in the living room. Not in the kitchen. WHERE IS THE PUKE, CAT?!
Oh, it's on a dining room chair, covered by a placemat, because I didn't want to get in trouble.
Great, Mike!
Where did we find HIM?!
Sleeping in the bathtub, with the shower curtain pulled over his head!

Yep, the FRAT CAT.

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Blogger The Lumberjack said...

Jackie, What is up?!! So it's good to know that you are not deceased. I enjoy hearing of your capers with the Scotsman, his boys, and the FratCat. Tell them all "Meow!" I look forward to more swashbuckling with you in the future!
The Lumberjack

8:31 AM  
Blogger BT said...

Nice to hear from you! I'm looking forward to the backlog of tails you must be building :)

9:53 AM  
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