Friday, August 11, 2006

The Crew: Lip, Rood, Phillip and THE SCOTSMAN!! (Froth in their hands!)

The Scotsman and Me(above)/The Scotsman's Brother, being offered a helping hand by Lip

Froth me baby!

I know I haven't written in forever, forgive me, for I have no computer. (typing now at the Scotsman's desk at work, where I stole his spot while he attends a meeting!)

We had a really smooth move-in process, if you don't count the broken air-conditioner during 100 degree weather!!
Everything looks so great in our new place, and it's not quite the ManCave I expected it to turn out as!
Mike moved in with us on Sunday, he is adjusting, having fun growling at squirrels on the patio and knocking over the Scotsman's chess pieces.
Oh, and don't let me forget the amazing Jimmy Buffett pilgrimage that took place last weekend, as it is the whole reason for this post:

The Scotsman and all his college pals get together every year to see Mr. Margaritaville play in Chicago.
It was a weekend of partying that actually started on Thursday afternoon, and included:
*A sick dog with impacted intestines--she swallowed a chew toy and had surgery on the morning of the show.
*Fruit-basket peace offerings sent to the neighbors.
*Tending to a meat smoker all day on Friday--mmmm! smoked meat! (so say the boys)
*No one knew how to use the high tech coffee maker.
*At a restaurant for breakfast: "People fear us right now--and they should!" The Scotsman's brother announced, "It's 10 a.m., and there's a problem right now. I'm sober."
*Taunting the neighbor's dog with a shock collar on, with the aforementioned smoked meat. The neighbor came out and threatened to taunt our friend with the same method!
*Margaritaville Twister.
*The Scotsman forgetting he had eaten lunch at all. "Man, and those hamburgers looked really good," he said. "And they were good," I replied. "You had one with potato salad and half of my pasta salad, silly."
*WHY is the rum ALWAYS gone?!
*Dancing on top of the Jimmy, alongside the giant shark-fin we constructed earlier.
*The infamous "Lip" of the Scotsman's frat-boy days, taking a dive head-first off the top of the Jimmy while dancing. EVERYONE just knew he was dead, but he wasn't. THE BOY IS BIONIC!
*Lip: "Hey man, my ear hurts!" Reeally?
*Oh yeah, Jimmy Buffett played some music too!


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