Monday, June 19, 2006

Country Clubs

The Scotsman played with his pipe band at a country club golf tournament awards ceremony this weekend.
I stood with the country club people/audience, as they marched down the fairway of the 18th hole, to the green, where they played some pieces before the ceremony.
AHHH!!!! I hate country club ladies when they are mean and ignorant and drunk!
They were making fun of the woman who plays in his band, for being a woman in a bagpipe and drum corps, for wearing the traditional Scottish outfit, and just because she had an interest in something other than shopping and gossiping and cheating on her husband, in general.
Not all country club ladies are this way. I know some very nice rich women who go to the country club for things like tennis instead of for things like--BRANDY. There are very nice ladies who play bridge, and lunch and do little projects in the community and then there are those who torment the country club staff and spend their afternoons getting manicures while the nanny takes care of their two-year olds.
These are the ladies who would die if they ever had to deal with real life.
But, I did like their hair!

p.s. I have a new bow, that is my size, and now I can shoot really far, and hit things like the sidewalk!!

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