Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Sun, Fun and Some Darn Good BBQ Chicken! (Happy 4th!)

Me and the Scotsman on Friday. Don't I look sweaty?!
It was, like, 95 degrees and my iced tea didn't have enough ice.

BUT, I lived like a queen this weekend, a life complete with a giant lakeside house and a boat to use all day and a huge picnic with (YUM) really great, made by a grandma, pasta salad!!!

We went to Lake Louise, to stay with the Scotsman's college friend, Sassy Red, and her husband, who she calls the Money Nazi. Which is NOT true, Miss Lakehouse/Boat Owner, but, whatever. They were really nice and I liked them a lot! I'm so glad I actually enjoy hanging out with my boyfriend's friends. That can be such the relationship killer, when all you want to do is walk up to his best friend and kick him in the balls.

It was so fun! We spent, like, the entire day on the boat just being happy and drinking really fruity sugary drinks. We saw a family of deer. We laid on the shore, watching occasional fireworks at night!

Oh, and then there was the parade on the 4th, where I stood in the rain for two hours, so I could watch the Scotsman march by in his kilt, all rain-geared up, banging away on his giant drum to keep time for the bagpipers.

He's in the middle, with the bass drum.

On the way home, I watched fireworks displays in every city from his house to mine. It was so beautiful!


i wish i had more pasta salad! at


Blogger BT said...

It's been a month I'm strangly worried. Is all well? How did the move go? New job?

Your loyal reader.

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