Thursday, June 29, 2006

We are such hotties...

So, a lady in my office came up to me to wish me luck on my new adventures in OH-land, and wanted to see a photo of the Scotsman.
This is what she said:
"Oh, he's a cute young man. His eyes. You know, he looks like John Travolta."
Oh my. Just. Oh... my.
Now, my Scotsman is preTTy darn handsome. Blondish hair. Blue-green eyes that smile at the corners. Very nice face and teeth. Squarish build. But, he's not John Travolta.
There's no strut to the walk of the Scotsman. At least, not a Travolta-esque strut.
And, kilts he may wear, but my boy probably would not be caught dead wearing a white leisure suit with sparkly lapels. OR a large trench coat with suspenders and occasional wings either, for that matter. (Remember Michael? Was that dumb or WHAT?!)

ANY way. I told him and he was all, "ON WHAT PLANET do I look like John Travolta?"

But, that's old ladies for ya.
My mom, while doing a play with a younger guy in the cast, wanted to set me up on a blind date with him.
SHE told him I looked like.... Carmen. Electra. Thaaaat's right. Dennis Rodman's ex-wife. Swimsuit model. Workout video queen. MTV talking-diva supreme.
Carmen Electra.
I'm sorry, but if I looked even remotely like the Elec, I would NOT be working at the Reporter for... nothing.

So, we're not the VOLT or the ELEC.
Too bad. We could probably use the publicity for our writing careers.

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