Thursday, June 22, 2006

Angry White Female

My boyfriend often carries a maori club with him around the office. The Maoris used this club to beat to death their enemies, then pulled teeth from the victims, lodging them in the weapon as trophies.
Of course, my boyfriend's club has no teeth in it...yet.
Today, I feel like him. I am in a VERY BAD MOOD. I don't want to be at work, or to talk to my boss, or to write anything, talk to anyone, or have anyone BREATHE NEAR ME.
I have no maori club, so I have resorted to holding a shiny black lacquered rock with lovely orange koi painted on it. It is a gift from my boyfriend, and right now, is the perfect size to hold discretely in my hand, with just the right weight and feel to it to allow me to pretend that I'm threatening the livelihood of anyone who might dare to interrupt me this morning.

Ahh!! It worked better than my usual trick: a Starbuck's mocha.

boys are stupid, throw rocks at them (and at everyone else, today) at


Blogger The Lumberjack said...

I'm sorry you are feeling a bit disgruntled today, Kitty Kat. I do agree, boys R dumb throw rocks at them. I hope you are doing better tomorrow. I just watched Jackie & Donna, though it was not the classic "midget & lumberjack" scene. Sorry I do not eva blog, what is wrong with me?! You don't really have to answer that last question.


2:38 AM  

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