Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I have found something more torturous than math!

It is: the Bureau of Motor Vehicles and the Spawns of Ineffiency who run the place!

Back in January I got that speeding ticket, while headed to the blind date from hell, the one where I recieved a candy bar as a reward for being a nice person (see Feb. 1 entry called "The Candy Bar").
Well, I paid that ticket. (See, I really am a nice person, 'cause I was gonna make HIM pay it. I guess I did deserve that candy bar!) Only, the idiots at the BMV decided not to recieve my check. THEN decided not to notify me that they hadn't recieved it until after they had suspended my license. (They are NOT nice people, there are no candy bars in their future.)
I found out my license had been suspended going on five days after it actually happened on June 1.
And when I told them a check had been sent in, the phone receptionist who called me JEAN on several occasions, didn't seem surprised that they had lost it.

The guy behind me in line said he sent in two money orders that they "never got." riiiiight.

It took me two hours on two separate days to get the issue fixed. At one place, I sat in front of a government employee for a full five minutes watching her fix her paperclip dispenser with little pieces of scotch tape before she looked up at me and said, "what do you want?"
And believe you me, I wrote that second check and personally hand delivered that puppy straight into the hands of the IN state clerk, with a little threatening flourish of the pen on my signature to let them know I meant business! That'll show 'em!

What a waste of time and energy!!! Why are they allowed to be so disorganized then charge ME $30 in late fees? I just think it's as ridiculous as when my junior year math teacher told us "imaginary numbers were invented in 19xx..."
WHAT!!! Why am I learning this? IMAGINARY NUMBERS??
As if math wasn't frustrating in the first place when all the numbers were actually real, now you're telling me we're studying the fantastical dreams of some poindexter in a polka-dot bow-tie who one day in August, set aside his tuna-fish sandwich and said, "Wouldn't it be neat-o if a number could do this?? Let's make up some that can!" And all his fellow Comb-Over Club members thrilled with dastardly glee and tapped their finger tips together in uncontrollably evil math related emotion.



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