Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Get me a pineapple, stat!

The Scotsman and I spent the weekend MELTING!
It was damn-awful hot, and his airconditioner was putting in a half-hearted attempt at staying alive.
The Scotsman(standing on the bed, looking at the ceiling vent): "I think it's sending out some air, but it's not cold. I think it's the same temperature as the room."
ME (standing on a chair): "Maybe the vent needs cleaned?"
The VENT: Shudder, Gasp, WHeeeeeeZZEE....clunk, raa-tttle, puff.
The Scotsman: "Um, no. It's dead."
So, we spent most of Memorial Day at the pool, or in the Man Cave with the lights off, in our swimsuits, plastered to the floor, in front of a fan, watching Animal Planet's marathon of "The Little Zoo that Could".
AWWWWW, tigers and baby monkeys with brain damage. GOOD television, people!
And then, the Scotsman became just a little bit more wonderful in my eyes. He is 1.)Brilliant 2.)Very sexy when covered in sweat and swearing at the sun for producing heat-rays.
We go to the store, and very mysteriously, the Scotsman fills our cart with: a pineapple, three oranges and two bananas. At home, he gets a blender, frozen strawberries, ice and some rums (lots of kinds of rums in his cabinet, surprise!), and right before my eyes:
HE MADE FRUITY PINEAPPLE RUM DRINKS!!! With straws! In an actual pineapple!!!
It was delicious, and almost made us forget we were living in an oven for five minutes.

All that sun, and I managed to produce three freckles at


Blogger The Lumberjack said...

How cool is that?! See how hilarious I am, because you were so HOT & the drinks were so COOL. I am clearly, respectfully, the funniest person ever.

Pineapples for all!

12:25 PM  

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