Wednesday, January 18, 2006


I was supposed to meet the ex-boyfriend (he will now be referred to as "Monk" because of his obsessive-compulsive tendencies.) for dinner at 7 last night in z-ville. BUT I didn't get out of work until 7:30 and still had the 45 min. drive to z-ville. As I was driving, speeding, zipping over the highway, I kept thinking, "wow, he hasn't called to find out where I am or why I'm late. Has he forgotten, or chickened out, or died (hope, hope ;0)?" I had left my cellphone at work, like an idiot.
BUT... it gets worse. I finally arrive at Monk's new apartment in z-ville, and realize I only know his roommate's first name AND have no idea what their apartment number is. So, I go to grab my cellphone...and...IT'S NOT THERE!!! I am such a blonde, without the hair and the manly attention to make up for it!
So, this is what I did--I went up to a woman's apartment, knocked on her door and asked, "Do you know if there's a guy named Nate who lives in your building and has a new roommate named MONK?" NO? oh, okay, well, can I use your phone?? gets worse. I don't know Monk's number, because he programmed it into my cell immediately after we were introduced, so all I've ever had to do to get ahold of him is hit "2" and send. Very convenient. Until you need to use a real phone. I asked for a phone book, called up his office, and talked to a girl who works for him. That went like this:
Me: Hi. I am supposed to meet your boss, MONK, for dinner, and I can't find my phone, and therefore, don't know his number. I'm here, 45 minutes from home, at his apartment complex, and I don't know which one is his.
And she's all like: "Is this Jane?"
(So, the reputation precedes me!)
And I say: "Yes, he's going to be so mad, he's always on top of things and responsible and would never do anything like this. EVER."
And she says: "It's okay, honey, opposites attract."
I just about died, it was so hilarious. I was also an hour and a half late after all that.

we finally found each other, and he took me to red lobster at


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