Tuesday, October 18, 2005

No more black nail polish!

One good thing about finding a boy who will put up with you is that your vehicle also prospers from his attentions.
Someone scraped my black car in the parking lot at the mall, with their white car. YUCK! Anyway, I come out with my shopping bags, see my car, and immediately am impressed by the sheer expanse of the white scrape on my front bumper. It is huge! I can see that much of it will come off just by scraping with my fingernail, but am running late, so decide to leave it for later.
At the boyfriend's (yes, I said BOY-FRIEND!!) house just a little while later, we come out and he sees my car. It was as if we had walked out to find his best friend lying in the driveway, run over. He gasps, drops to his knees in front of my vehicle and starts examining the details of "the damage."
"What did you DO when you saw this?!" he asks me, wiping tears from his eyes and stroking the car as if it was hurting.
"Umm, I scratched at it with my fingernail, said "Crap" and forgot about it, really. What should I have done?"
"Well, I would have at least dropped the F-bomb. But I can fix this for you. We need to buff it out, there will be a couple of deeper scratches we can't get rid of..."
"That's all right."
"No. It's not, but there's not much you can do about it."
"I have some black nail pol--"
Okay then. My car is now going to get used to being treated like a real vehicle. He better not break up with me, now that he's gone and gotten the car all attached to him and all!

when you're done with the car, i could use a good rubdown too at janeh928@yahoo.com


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