Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Blind Date Pt. 2

Is it crazy to initially think someone is boring/not worth your time/has bad taste in movies, then, suddenly go on 7 dates in one week and change your opinion about that person to sweet/hard worker/VERY good kisser????
Well, that's what's happened to me. And it's been great. We went to our county festival on Saturday night, and in the process walked past a church that my sisters and I swore was haunted and inhabited by vampires when we were little, and he MADE ME GO LOOK IN THE WINDOW, and THERE WERE PEOPLE WALKING AROUND and IT WAS NIGHTTIME!!!! I screamed and ran away and he laughed. What were those weirdos doing in church at nighttime?? Preparing sacrificial goats is my guess.
He's decided I need to learn to play pool with him and his friends. I HATE pool, though. I know, it's ridiculous to think that a girl like me, with my pink high heels and manicured nails and general distaste for cheap beer would NOT know how to play pool. But the truth is, I suck. I am awful. I was so awful, in fact, that a total look of disbelief crossed his face everytime I made a shot, though he tried to hide his embarassment at my complete lack-of-any-skill-whatsover performance! He kept saying, "That's okay, you're learning," as if he had to keep reminding himself of the fact. If he were any older, he probably would have had a blood vessel visibly pounding at his temple. But, all in all, he was a very patient lad, and he promised to take me to play again, this time, with string to teach me about angles. How sweet! Maybe I'll teach him how to spell and how to appreciate movies that don't have plot lines centered on a gun fight and main characters uttering such profound statements as "I'm looking for a transporter," "You've come to the right place." ANYWAY, I've definitely got to come up with an excuse for never having to play pool again. Maybe carpel-tunnel syndrome? OR I could fall from a tree and break my arm?

Also, look forward to hearing about a sure-to-create-some-type-of-disaster event when I go to his best friend's Halloween party at the end of this month. Can't wait.

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