Wednesday, April 16, 2008

We are not feeding Mr. Yellow any treats, anymore.

This is because he is by far the stinkiest cat on the planet. HE REEKS!
And this weekend, the Scotsman had to clean up a pile of ultra-stinky petrified runny-poo that he said smelled in equal to many of the cow messes he used to clean up on the farm. Maybe worse.
Worse than COWS pooing on fences?
Giant cow poo. Now rivaled by little Mr. Yellow and his amazing powers of stink.
Way to go, Captain Stench-butt.

And the fact that my boyfriend, the ultimate pushover when it comes to Mr. Yellow's pitiful "aren't I cute and starving" face and his little paw patting the knee trick, is the one who has laid down this decree--now that's a big deal.

Sorry Mr. Yellow, no more bacon.

But... but... look how my tummy caves in... see it shrink... at


Blogger The Lumberjack said...

No more yum-yums for Mr. Stink-butt?! What is this world coming to! And cow dung smells pretty bad... I should know.

Well, it's good to know the kitty cat is back & alive & well. The masses were missing you & your purr-fect adventures.

Looking forward to more...

12:32 PM  

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