Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I am a bad, bad blogger...

But I will get better--starting NOW!

My house--still lovely.
The Scotsman--still splendid.
The FatCat and his Sidekick Yelly-Yelly-Yellow--still spoiled!

AND I-- I am once again a scribe! So life is pretty much purr-fect!

Except for the bedspreads in my guest room...

We spring-cleaned my lovely abode this weekend, top to bottom, side to side, every knick-knack, every hide(ing spot for cats) (hey, i needed something that rhymed)

All was well, everything washed, everything sparkling, everything neat and organized, when...
then struck the FratCat!

He bounds through the cat door (which you can see through now) and into the kitchen, where he comes to a frantic screeching halt, looks around, then tears down to the basement and onto my lap.

Good lord--he looked like a chimney sweep, with black sooty smudges all over his face, blackened sticks and dirt protruding from his claws and just general disarray of cat.

Before I can fully comprehend the Pigpen lookalike before me, he tears upstairs, and plants himself on a quilt in the guestroom to give himself a bath. Um, it was hysterical.

And of course, because it was so funny and random, I didn't do a thing to punish the beast!

little black paw prints all over the house! at janeh928@yahoo.com


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