Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The New House!

I have a house, a real, true, actual grown-up person's house!!


It has 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, a REALLY big kitchen for me to cook snacks for The Scotsman and MikeMike, a livingroom/dining room, a family room, laundry room, workshop and attic. (OH and a 2 car garage too!)

It is SO pretty! I am having all sorts of fun doing the painting and decorating right now.Mike and Mr. Yellow love to help. Tails make great paint brushes, according to the kitties!

We are settling into our new jobs. The Scotsman has found himself a new pub and some buddies to throw cabers with on the weekends.

This weekend our best friends married each other. We were the maid of honor and best man, and it was super-fun. It was a very small, very formal event. I got to see the Scotsman in a tuxedo, and we got to stay in a room at the Columbia Club in downtown Indianapolis, VERY swanky!

Wait 'til you hear about our next plans for adventure! It will be in September, and involves a bunch of aging frat-brothers, a football game, lots of smoked meat and a birthday cake for me!It's going to be at our new house. I wonder how much of the stuff I've just purchased is going to be trashed by the end of the weekend?!

Miken has a little girlfriend. She's a tabby-cat with a collar who comes to visit our house everyday. The Scotsman and I will come home from an event, and she'll be running out the door. He should know that we don't allow friends to come over without permission!AND, Mr. Yellow is a great hunter, we have discovered! The King of the Jungle has killed for us many mice, bugs and even a bat! I don't know how he caught that!

Life is getting much more routine, now that we've settled in a place, so more postings should be on the way.

i have a pink toilet in my new bathroom! at janeh928@yahoo.com