Monday, May 22, 2006

The Farmer's Market

It was such a lovely weekend. We made the most of it, because the Scotsman is making a trip to Canada-land this week, and we won't be able to talk, and I will miss him.
The best part: Saturday.
We went to the farmer's market in his town and were there forever, just browsing and making fun of people and eating good samples of things like: cuban sandwiches, french roast garlic soup and homemade on the farm breakfast sausage. We talked to the wine snobs in the wine area, and bought a few bottles.
The Scotsman: We don't need any wine, do we?
ME: No, we've got a lot at home.
Him: Okay.
(Talking to wine guys, trying several wines, time passes.)
The Scotsman, setting two bottles on the cash register: Okay, we'll take these.
Me: Umm... okay!
That's why we like each other.
We went to an International Festival after that, and ate our way through the world.
Good things: Spring rolls and Iced Coffee from Thailand; Guiness from Ireland; shortbread from Scotland (YUM), practically anything from Italy, China, Greece and Germany. Some lovely items from the middle-east.
BAD things: Haggis from Scotland (sorry, honey); Blue corn punch from Guatemala; Indian curry!
For a late-evening snack on Saturday, we had some cheese, strawberries, Boujoulais from his cousin Sarah and bread we bought from the market, out on his patio. VERY romantic.
VERY European.
On Sunday, we went shooting, and the Scotsman showed good form at his softball game.
I do worry about him being at this Canadian event this week. He is such a hottie!

Ate too much and had to roll myself home at


Blogger The Lumberjack said...

That sounds like SO much fun!! My thoughts on the whole thing: eat lots of saurkraut (sp?) from Germany. Reason 1) Germany is awesome 2) saurkraut taste like rotten cabbage. So there is my compelling well thought out thesis with plenty of hard facts to back it up.

Phish phood is poo-poo.

(Shazam!! My medicine just kicked in!)

11:44 PM  

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