Wednesday, April 12, 2006


I WILL get one. Someday. And when I do, the Scotsman will be so happy for me, he will pick me up, twirl around a couple of times and toss me fifty feet, just like the stones he throws at the Highland games!! (heehee, that was a little mean, but a fun image, and I know he could probably do it since he's practicing for such activities right now, and all.)
It's crazy, all you who know me are giggling into your oreo-icecream right now (yeah, Lumberjack, I know you're eating icecream at this very moment. or cookies. or a combo there-of).
Remember, I am the same girl, who just five months ago, attempted to learn to play darts at Monk's apartment and only succeeded in tatooing the door on ten separate occasions and hitting the light fixture twice, sending sparks showering onto the carpet with great hissing, sending certain obsessive-compulsive individuals into convulsive coronary episodes.
But, now, I have finally found the ultimate sport for a very-pale Irish girl with curves--and it is archery. (Watch out, my new favorite sport involves WEAPONS!!! Bwah-ha-ha, the Quaker-girl gets violent! towards a chunk of styrofoam of course, not against rabbits or squirrels or anything cute. but against ex-boyfriends? maybe.)
I feel like Guinevere or Arwen, shooting my arrows into the target board (IT REALLY HAPPENED!) or the dirt (that happened too). I even have a cool white leather wrist guard to wear that makes me feel very special and official and like I know what I'm doing.

i wonder if i can get a quiver to match my wrist guard, with my name all done in sparkles? at


Blogger The Lumberjack said...

You can come show off your new archery moves at (drum roll) The Fifth Annual Scottish Festival and Celtic Satherins May 5-7 in Clarksburg/Bridgeport, WV.

For some reason my Mom sent me a brochure on this, not sure why. I thought you & the Bear would appreciate it best. So if you happen to stop by...

A glittering quiver? I can think of things that glitter & things that quiver, but I never thought of them together. A first for all!

7:08 AM  

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