Tuesday, January 24, 2006


I HATE DATING!!! I went on two dates this weekend, and while they were interesting and not too bad, they just weren't that fun either. More like, STRESSFUL.
I don't like having to talk to people about all that stuff you already know about yourself, but have to let other people know in order to get to know them. It's just so repetitive and stupid.
I wish I had an old friend to fall in love with.
I just kept thinking that the whole day was a waste of my time.
Let's just say, there were no immediate sparks and both boys seem more interested in me than I am in them.
Go figure.
Maybe I'll just marry Santino, though I doubt he's into that. I just think he could design me an entire wardrobe of overly-designed, orientally-inspired, majorly trimmed and bedazzled clothing and I'd be happy for the rest of my life! heehee!!

If you call me one more time, I won't be held responsible for the attack cat at janeh928@yahoo.com


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