Monday, October 03, 2005

Blind date

So, he was totally hot. Of course, I'm talking about the guy I got set up with in September, who was sort of boring and I didn't really think I was interested in. The same guy who I didn't call back after our first date until this Saturday night (yes, a full 18 days later!). I was bored. And he WAS hot, so I called him back. We went to see the band play, and he liked them, and my friends, and my friends liked him. So the second date was better. Then he invited me to meet his friends at their new house for dinner, and they were nice. So the third date was even better.
ALSO, I found out that the guy who set us up, his friend whose house we went to, told him that I had "an ass that wouldn't quit," when he told him about me. CHEERS!!! I have a lovely bottom! That can only be taken as good news, for sure. (heehee)

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