Tuesday, March 14, 2006

These things really do happen to me.

I don't make them up. This Saturday was no exception.
I went out with Big Red and Monk, only to find myself in the middle of a nightmare.
Smokey the Tanktop showed up, of course, complaining about G-field's new smoking ban.
AND Big Red had invited a blind-date for Monk.
HORRORS!!!!! He told her in the middle of the date that Monk had dated both me and Smokey. Now that's the way to get a girl for your best friend!
I believe the girl was terrified of us, and rightly so.
She, however, was nice, though obviously anorexic (sadly, I'm being serious about that, not catty). And blonde. with nice legs. (hate, hate)
But, she didn't eat anything at dinner. She had 2 beers.
Then 3 more when we went out to the club.
I don't blame her though. I would have tried my hardest to get drunk in a situation like that myself.
In fact, I handled the situation very well. I am pretty well over the whole Monk crush.
I didn't even scratch Smokey's eyes out!!

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Blogger The Lumberjack said...

Hey Jackie! I hear Smokey really was a bear! And that poor date-girl! I would have dranken a few drinks downed myself. Big Red and Monk... they need help. It's sad. They don't realize all the work that needs to be done!


PS- how about that albino deer! crazy times.

11:16 PM  

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