Wednesday, September 14, 2005

With the spinning and the reeling and the BRAIN on overdrive...

The past 24 hours have been jam-packed with nutritious excitement:
1. The lost boyfriend, prodigal and general fuck-wit screw up, has returned. Maybe more on that later, but for now, all anyone needs to know is he smelled like heaven and fed me lines. typical. boy.
2.I'm going to Mississippi to cover a group of our county's SWAT team members going down to cover the asses of the men who are protecting people and helping people after H.K. Will be sleeping in a casino with an asssortment of law enforcement guys from around the U.S. I'm guessing it will be one of the most emotional, dramatic experiences of my life, and also, that it will smell very, very bad. but i can deal. i better.
3. Tonight, I will be going on my Very-First-Blind-Date-Ever. With some guy who manages a Marsh store and has for quite some time. But while speaking to him on the phone last night I could have sworn he said something about med. school. intriguing. anyway, he sounds like a jerk because of this:
Him: "Do you play a musical instrument, by the way?"
and i said: "Piano."
and he said: "I thought so. That or the clarinet."
i respond with a: "Why?"
and he says:"I don't know. You sound like you're intellectual, and girls that are intellectual usually play an instrument and it's usually the clarinet, violin or piano."
Her: "Thanks for the label, ass-hat" (that was said in my head.)

SO, it will be dinner for free and the likely ending of: well that was nice, but I've got to go home now and thanks for never calling me again. erase me. from your memory. permanently.

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