Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Time for a Change?

I feel pretty much useless right now, like I should be doing so much more. Am I even helping people the way that I want to with my work?? I don't know.
In the broad scheme of things, these stories that I write, about Hurricane victims, or people killed in car accidents, do they do any good?
Do they help others, the people who read them? Are they encouraged, or goaded into action by what I write, or am I just writing as a space filler??
Is there something else I could and should be doing? I got into this because I thought it was a way to contribute, but what am I doing, really??? Is there a better use for my talents, and if there is, what is it??
I write well. (Don't take my entries here as an example, as much of the time I ramble and wander then publish without another thought. I guess in a way, the words I type here are more analysis and therapy related than actual conscious word-crafting). How can I help other people with my writing??
Is there a use for my skills, other than what I am doing, that could benefit more lives than I have already touched? Why do I feel so useless??
Does anybody even read what I write???

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