Wednesday, August 03, 2005

No Doze or Starbucks, anyone???

I spent three hours at a library board meeting last night, listening to people discuss whether a circulation desk needed a strip of decorative formica around the edge, etc..
When do people get to the age when discussions like this actually seem important, or worth three hours of time??? Someone tell me so I can leap in front of a truck before I get there.

ANYway... I now have a lovely bedroom suite given to me by my grandparents after travelling to OH to retrieve it over my vacation. IT IS SO GREAT! I have traded in the twin bed from my 'rents for a king size--which gives me one side, and a whole other side for MIKE THE CAT!!
He loves it, oh, how he loves it. I don't think he's ever getting out of the new bed.

Not that he'll ever have to. The Boyfriend in Florida has officially been eaten by sharks as far as I'm concerned. His toothbrush is in the trash and I'm looking for a replacement. Anyone interested in a girl who can get you into any exciting board meeting you want, has a large pet tiger and creates killer dance moves fueled by a super Starbucks buzz???
I can also carry my own furniture upstairs, so that's gotta be a plus.

boogie, baby, all night long at


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