Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Life at a daily paper...

Is difficult for many reasons, but today, the number 1 reason would be: trying to schedule vacation time is impossible.
There are too many factors that go into planning when I should get to have a little free time. What ongoing stories could suffer if I miss something the week I'm gone? Will we have enough reporters to cover all the news (can't schedule off when someone else schedules off)? Being the rookie, I get last pick, or so I would assume. What happens if a natural disaster occurs and I am not here to report on it? Mainly, this will make me mad that I missed something, I'm not going to get in trouble for it or anything. Do I make enough money to go on vacation????? heehee Should I just not go? If I don't go, will I kill myself because of all the stress? Or at the very least go crazy? If I go crazy, would it be crazy enough that I could go to a mental hospital and not have to worry about scheduling a vacation ever again??? I need an afternoon off just to figure out when, where and how to have a vacation with the least possible negative ramifications on my career! And that's not gonna' happen.

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