Thursday, August 04, 2005

The Giant Salads at Restaurants

Umm...did I miss something??? Aren't salads supposed to be the food for healthy people trying to keep their weight from ballooning through the roof??
My sister and I went to a family restaurant last night, where I ordered a salad.
When our food came out, I was thoroughly confused by the giant serving bowl set at my place, filled to overflowing with so much chicken and fixins' that it was almost impossible to see the mountain of lettuce piled underneath the top layer.
It was certainly the frickin' MT. EVEREST of salads.
I ate about an eighth of it.
Since when did it become normal to offer a person enough food to feed a large family and then seem surprised when 1.) That person does not finish all of said food, and 2.) That person has the absolute gall to ask for a box to take home the rest of said food, which she had paid for???
Just wondering.

We are currently in a nightmare at work, consisting of operating with only half the normal staff. Our most experienced writer, my hippie mentor, challenger to "the man" in all things, quit last Friday. Another writer is on vacation. So two gone, two left to cover the news room. I've written two articles a day for the entire week. I think my brain is falling out!

After work today, I am going to go home, change into my cute pink and grey sweatshirt and shorts, get out the book I've been waiting to read all week, shut the door to my room, burrow under mounds of blankets and pillows and not come out for ANYTHING all evening.

If there is a fire and I die in my room, I don't care. Fires be damned, I want to be left alone for awhile!!

if you need me, you better bring cheesecake at


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