Thursday, June 23, 2005

Moms, and our pathetic attempts to communicate with them....

Called my mutha' yesterday. The conversation went a little like this:

Me:"Hi, mom."
Her:"Hellooo. (Mary Kay selling voice. This is why it's taken me 15 attempts to get through at the homefront.) The cat just threw up."
Me: "Oh."
(long pause)
"Which one?"
Her: "Leo. is Jeremy?" (referring to boyfriend, living currently 5 states away)
Me: (out loud) "Fine. Busy." (inside head) "I have no idea, the asshat hasn't called in a week, and his last email read: "Hey babe. Really snowed under right now. Will call when I have time to actually have a conversation. j"
Her: "So you haven't broken up yet? I thought that would be over by now."
Me: "No. Still dating. Hey, the reason I call...."
Her:"Well, I'm making phone calls right now. Can't talk, better go! Call if you need more lipstick!"

Oh well, didn't have news or anything. It's not like I could have possibly needed to talk to her, considering I took the time to call her and all. I just needed to know if the cat had thrown up lately and to confirm that I was still on schedule for production of her future grandchildren.

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Blogger Ale said...

hello kitty! (sorry, couldnt resist! don't be mad-- you prob get that alot...) hehe-- its your first month on the blog- welcome welcome!

oh, and about ur mom- she is TOTATLY hiding the fact that she misses you terribly and is going out or her mind at the factthat her little girl is all grown up --

9:01 AM  

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